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Cosmopolis International Festival was first held in 2000 and from 2002 to 2009 it is an annual reference point in the cultural life of the city of Kavala and the wider region.


The world’s different types of music, echo in the old city, the castle and the old customhouse, providing a universal rhythm to the thousands of visitors.


Food culture is a major part of every civilization. It reveals its origins. The ingredients, the flavors and the techniques are all connected to the climate, the morphology and the essence of every area.


Dance is an ancient and primordial way for humans to express themselves.

Street Bazaar

All the colors spread in Theodore Poulidou Street. Smells overwhelm, voices and smiles accompany your journey to the world.


The mesmerizing flair of cinema fascinates adults and children alike every night in the small theater of Panagia.


Cosmopolis Kids is a major and important part of this event. It’s the yeast that will nourish the next generations.